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DIY SOS The big build

“Residential Solar Donated the Materials & Labour for a 10Kw Solar Array + 10Kw Puredrive Battery Storage System to the deserving Butterfly Effect in Harlow, featured on BBC One’s ‘DIY SOS’ – ‘The Big Build’. The Solar + Storage  was used to help create a mental health and wellbeing hub that can utilise the savings provided by the system to better others and the local community, giving peace of mind to the charity when energy costs are so unpredictable.”

The Solution

Solar Installation

Going solar can significantly reduce or even wipe out your electric bills. Think about it – electricity costs can take much of your monthly budget. But with a solar panel system, you’re generating free power for over 25 years.

Battery Storage

With a solar battery, you can store surplus solar power generated during the day for use at night or during cloudy periods. This reduces your reliance on the grid, gives you backup power during outages, and can significantly lower your energy bills.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Whether it’s to give you that peace of mind before a long journey or to top up overnight for your daily commuting needs, a home EV charging station makes owning an electric vehicle even more convenient and cost-effective.