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solar panel installation in loughborough

Are you considering tapping into the limitless energy of the sun to manage your energy usage with solar panels? As your reliable solar energy consultants in Loughborough, we simplify the transition to a solar-powered lifestyle. With the continual rise in electricity prices, solar energy offers homeowners a chance to power their future and enhance their way of living.

Our experts meticulously assess each property to tailor a solar solution that optimises energy output. We will inspect your roof, suggest optimal panels, and handle all necessary permits and rebates – managing the entire process for you. With Residential Solar, embracing clean, renewable solar energy in Loughborough is effortless. Begin reducing your electricity bills and achieve energy self-sufficiency today through our solar panel installations.

why opt for residential solar for your solar needs?

Solar Panel Installation starting at £3,995 (to be displayed in a banner)

Solar isn’t merely a lifestyle choice; it’s a wise investment. Hence, we’re committed to providing the most affordable solar installation prices in the UK, with a guarantee to match similar offerings. We believe that transitioning to clean energy shouldn’t be hindered by financial constraints.

You can count on us to meet and surpass any comparable quotation you may receive. Our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions is steadfast. We aim to make the switch to solar financially accessible for diverse budgets. Let us help you regain control over your energy costs, making solar more economical. Reclaim your energy independence with our solar panel installations.

what are the benefits of installing solar panels to my home?

clean, renewable energy

Our solar panels utilise the endless, eco-friendly energy of the sun, generating power without emissions or waste. Solar energy stands as the cleanest and most sustainable source available.

competitive pricing

We guarantee the lowest pricing on our solar systems so you can maximise savings. You can reduce your electricity bills by up to 70% while hedging against rising energy costs. Solar panels are also VAT-exempt, so you save even more.

generate revenue from your system

Our state-of-the-art solar systems require very little maintenance thanks to their durable, stationary design. Any excess energy produced can be sold back to the grid through net metering programs, further increasing your cost savings.

industry-leading warranty

Our solar systems are backed by a 30-year product and performance warranty, one of the longest in the industry. You’ll be generating clean energy savings for decades to come.

enhanced property value

Installing solar panels can increase your home’s value by 1-4% by improving its energy efficiency rating. A solar energy system demonstrates your home is technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

quick, painless installation

Our team can install your customised solar system in just one day. We handle all the permits, paperwork and connections so you can start benefiting from solar energy without any hassle.

our ev charger installation process

free initial consultation

We first discuss your energy needs and schedule an on-site evaluation of your property.

1-free initial consultation
2-solar & battery assessment

solar & battery assessment

Our team comprehensively analyses your premises at no cost, assessing factors critical for optimising solar generation.

quotation and system design

We provide a quote and detailed explanation of your proposed solar system with a panel placement design.

installation planning

We schedule the work, survey panel positioning, and arrange any necessary scaffolding.

installation & commissioning

Our team installs the system following the schedule and commissions it to ensure full functionality. Most of our solar panel installations take 1 – 2 days to complete.


We walk you through all aspects of the new system to ensure you’re comfortable with your new solar solution.

completion and enjoyment

Congratulations, your solar installation is complete! You can now harness renewable energy in your Cambridge home or business. Enjoy energy independence and sell back to the grid to save even more. Our comprehensive 30-year manufacturer warranty backs your new solar panels.

potential problems with solar installation

will the roof tiles be drilled or punctured during the installation?

No, we lift tiles to fit hooks without drilling. We notch roof tiles for close bracket fitting.

what if you want a future loft extension?
can the panels be moved?

The panels can be easily moved for roof repairs or loft conversions. We can quote temporary removal and reinstallation.

what maintenance or servicing do solar panels require?

No maintenance is required, but we recommend an inspection every two years.

how are faulty panels replaced?

If within warranty, the equipment supplier covers faulty panel replacement. Contact us or the provider.

how much is a 2-year maintenance inspection on solar panels?

Around £895, depending on the maintenance contract regularity.

as trusted local solar specialists, we are passionate about quality and service.

At Residential Solar, we do more than install solar panels. Our Loughborough team is passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to guiding you towards solar energy. You’re not just choosing an installer, but a long-term partner in your solar journey.

We recognise the significance of deciding on solar. That’s why we offer complimentary consultations to discuss your needs, clarify how our solar panels function, and provide transparent, competitive pricing with no hidden costs. Our clients rely on us to customise the perfect system for maximising energy savings.

Join forces with the solar specialists at Residential Solar. Book a free consultation to begin your journey, take charge of your energy expenses, and embrace solar in Loughborough. Let’s power homes with pure energy from the sun together.

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