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solar panel and battery storage installation in Daventry

Solar energy is on the rise as a sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. Our approach emphasises the practical benefits of this technology, highlighting how installing solar panels and battery storage in your home can lead to significant reductions in energy costs and enhance your contribution to environmental protection.

maximising 1478 hours of sunshine!

Daventry enjoys an impressive average of 1478 hours of sunshine each year!

the benefits of solar and battery storage

greater energy autonomy


Solar panels with battery storage allow you to harvest and retain excess energy not used during peak sunlight hours. This enables you to utilise this energy in the evenings when you return home or during cloudy and night-time periods, greatly diminishing your reliance on the national grid. Such autonomy is particularly valuable during power cuts or in periods of high energy tariffs.

increased financial savings

reduced energy bills

By using stored solar energy during peak tariff times, you can dodge high energy costs and reduce your electricity bills significantly. The savings accrued over time can help offset the initial outlay for the solar and battery systems.

potential for revenue

Additionally, surplus energy can be sold back to the grid, generating an extra income stream. This opportunity is supported by the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which pays you for the excess solar energy you export back to the grid.

increased property value

attractiveness to buyers

Properties equipped with solar panels and battery storage are typically more attractive to buyers, who often value the energy efficiency and cost savings. This can elevate the property’s resale value.

desirability in market

As energy prices continue to escalate and environmental consciousness increases, the demand for homes with existing renewable energy solutions is expected to grow.

reduced environmental impact

sustainable energy use

Combining solar panels with batteries creates an eco-friendly energy system that makes efficient use of natural resources. This is essential for combating climate change and minimising environmental degradation.

learn more about the benefits of solar panels and battery storage on our blog!

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the installation process for residential solar systems

getting started

Start by obtaining a customised quote using our energy savings estimator.

Cost Calculator
1 getting started solar panel and battery storage
1 getting started solar panel and battery storage mobile
2 stay informed solar panel and battery storage mobile
2 stay informed solar panel and battery storage

stay informed

We’ll email you your tailored quote, setting the stage for our next steps.

personal contact

A team member will contact you to discuss your quote and arrange for an engineer’s visit. The engineer will design a solar system uniquely suited to your home’s specifications.

3 personal contact and solar panel and battery storage
3 personal contact and solar panel and battery storage mobile
4 installation day and solar panel and battery storage mobile
4 installation day and solar panel and battery storage

installation day

The installation generally takes one to two days. Our aim is to minimise disruption to your daily life, and of course, we never say no to a cup of tea!

common solar questions answered

do solar panels require direct sunlight to generate energy?

While optimal in direct sunlight, solar panels are still capable of generating electricity throughout the year, even in varied weather conditions.

can any home install solar panels?

Homeowners in Daventry can generally install solar panels. However, certain challenges such as excessive shade, poor roof conditions, or limited space might arise. Our local team is prepared to offer a consultation to evaluate your specific conditions and provide solutions.

what is the lifespan of solar panels?

Typically, solar panels come with warranties ranging from 12 to 30 years and include a performance guarantee that extends up to 30 years, ensuring long-term efficiency and dependability.

is planning permission required to install solar panels?

For most properties in Daventry, installing solar panels does not require planning permission due to the UK’s 2008 ‘Permitted Development’ rules. However, permission might be necessary if your property is in a conservation area or is a listed building.

For Daventry residents keen to reduce their energy costs and impact on the environment, solar panels and battery storage represent an effective solution.

contact us to find out how you can begin your journey with solar energy.

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