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Solar Panel Installation KETTERING

Are you looking for professional solar panel installation in Kettering? Are you eager to harness the sun’s power and take charge of your energy costs with solar panels? As your trusted solar energy consultants in Kettering, Residential Solar is on hand to guide your transition to a solar-powered lifestyle. With electricity prices on the rise, solar energy presents homeowners with the opportunity to fuel their future and enhance their living standards.

Our team conducts comprehensive evaluations of each property to design a customised solar solution, optimising energy efficiency. We assess your roof, recommend the most appropriate panels, take care of all necessary permits and rebates, and manage every detail. With Residential Solar, transitioning to clean, sustainable solar energy in Kettering is seamless. Start reducing your electricity bills and achieve energy autonomy today with our solar panel installation services.

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Why choose Residential Solar as your solar panel installers?

Solar energy isn’t just a change in lifestyle, it’s a savvy investment. That’s why we offer the most competitive prices in the UK, guaranteed for similar solar solutions. We acknowledge the critical nature of shifting to clean energy and strive to make it financially feasible for all.

If you find a similar quote elsewhere, rest assured we will not only match it but also exceed it. Our commitment to offering cost-effective solutions is firm. We aim to make solar conversion affordable for a diverse range of budgets, enabling you to take control of your energy expenses and make the adoption of solar energy more accessible. Attain energy independence with our solar panel installation services.

What are the benefits of installing solar panels to your home?

Clean, Renewable Energy

Our solar panels tap into the sun’s limitless, renewable energy without emitting any pollution or waste, establishing solar power as the most pristine and sustainable energy source currently available.

Profit from Your System

Our advanced solar systems, thanks to their robust, fixed design, require minimal upkeep. Any excess energy produced can be sold back to the electricity grid through net metering schemes, further boosting your savings.

Boosted Property Value

The installation of solar panels can increase the value of your home by 1-4%, enhancing its energy efficiency rating. A solar energy system indicates that your property is equipped with cutting-edge technology and is environmentally conscious.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee the lowest prices for our solar systems, enabling you to maximise savings. You could see a reduction in your electricity bills of up to 70% while also guarding against future energy price increases. Additionally, solar panels are exempt from VAT, leading to even greater savings.

Industry-Best Warranty

Our solar systems are supported by a 30-year product and performance warranty, one of the most extensive in the market. You’ll benefit from clean energy savings for many years to come.

Swift, Easy Installation

Our experienced team can fit your tailored solar system in just one day, handling all the permits, paperwork, and connections, allowing you to start enjoying solar energy with zero fuss.

What does the solar installation process entail?

Free Initial Consultation

We talk through your energy needs and schedule an on-site evaluation of your property.

Solar and Battery Assessment

Our team performs a thorough, free analysis to ensure maximum solar generation at your premises.

Quotation and System Design

We provide a detailed quotation and discuss the suggested solar system, including where panels will be placed.

Installation Planning

We set the installation date, assess panel sites, and arrange any necessary scaffolding.

Installation and Commissioning

Following the agreed schedule, we install and commission the system for optimal functionality. Most installations are finished within 1 – 2 days.


We explain how to operate the system, making sure you’re comfortable with your new solar setup.

Completion and Enjoyment

Congratulations, your solar installation is complete! Enjoy the renewable energy independence of your Kettering home and the possibility of further savings by selling excess energy back to the grid. Your investment is secured with our extensive 30-year manufacturer warranty.

Potential Problems with Solar Installation

Will the installation process damage the roof tiles?

No, we employ a method of inserting hooks beneath tiles, negating the need for drilling. Tiles are carefully notched to ensure a snug fit for brackets.

What about future loft extensions? Are the panels repositionable?

Indeed, the panels can be readily relocated for roof repairs or loft expansions. We provide estimates for temporary removal and reinstallation.

What maintenance or service do the solar panels require?

No routine maintenance is required, although we suggest an inspection every two years.

How do we handle faulty panel replacement?

Under warranty, the equipment supplier is responsible for replacing any faulty panels. Contact us or the supplier for support.

How much does a 2-year maintenance check on solar panels cost?

Approximately £895, depending on the frequency of the maintenance agreement.

Still have questions?

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll respond to you shortly.

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At Residential Solar, we offer more than mere solar panel installation – we provide ongoing support. Our Kettering team is passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to aiding your switch to renewable solar energy. Opting for us means partnering with experts dedicated to your long-term success with solar energy.

We understand the significance of your decision to switch to solar. Therefore, we offer complimentary consultations to address your needs, explain the functionality of our solar panels, and provide transparent, competitive pricing with no hidden charges. Our customers rely on us to customise the ideal system for maximising energy savings.

Collaborate with the specialists at Residential Solar. Book a free consultation to begin your journey, manage your energy costs, and embrace solar in Kettering. Let’s light up homes with the clean, sustainable energy of the sun. The future looks bright with your home powered by solar.

Contact Residential Solar experts today to schedule your free consultation, harness the sun’s power, and control your energy costs.

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